What Causes the Lost Weight to Come Back?

Why is obesity such a serious problem in the modern society? It is because obesity is on a rapid rise, almost an exponential rise even. Another reason is because obesity is a life-long problem and may happen to anyone at any age regardless of gender and race. Even those people who have successfully combated obesity may regain weight in subsequent years.

Therefore the key factors in combating obesity is not only effective weight loss but also effective long-term ideal weight maintenance. Let us analyse what causes the lost weight to come back and how to avoid such incidences.

One of the main reasons why lost weight come back is because of improper weight loss regimes. In particular this kind of incidences usually happen to overweigh Sarm stack for cutting t individuals who restricted food intake to lose weight. When they restrict food intake and do not exercise, their body metabolism will slowly adapt to amount of food intake and become lower. Thus even if they maintain small amount of food intake, the calories level may be excessive for their low metabolism rates, resulting in fat accumulation.

Another reason why lost weight come back is because of lack of motivation and persistence in the weight loss program. Once overweight individuals see a little weight reduction, they begin to reduce amount of exercise and go back to the same amount of food before the weight loss program. This is counter-productive, not only will the lost weight come back, they may even gain more weight than before if they do not closely monitor their weight and change their attitudes promptly.