The Super Bowl Should Be a National Holiday

The championship game of the National Football League is the Super Bowl. American football has celebrated this annual tradition since 1967, and on Sunday, February 7th, Super Bowl XLIV will kick off at 6:25 PM. But you don’t have to wait until 6:30 for your football fix because all day long Super Bowl excitement will be covered by CBS beginning at noon.

Non-football fans tune in for the outstanding halftime entertainment and the infamous commercials. Due to the high viewer-ship of the game, this is the most expensive commercial air time available on television and these top-notch commercials become much more than chat around the water-cooler for the following weeks. This year there are two commercials rumored to be causing controversy and they have not even hit the airwaves. One is of Florida Gator fame, Tim Tebow and his mother, in a spot for pro-life. On the other side of the coin if you will, is a promotional spot hoping to receive a last minute nod from CBS for the gay dating service that shows a passionate male/male kiss after their hands brush accidentally while reaching into a bowl of chips. If one doesn’t offend certain groups, the other surely will.

Bosses beware, though it has not been declared a national holiday just yet, many people partaking in the party atmosphere, gambling pools and other festivities may find themselves feeling worse than they do on New Year’s morning, but Super Bowl, legally anyway, is nothing more than Monday Eve! Here is an interesting piece of trivia for you, the day the Super Bowl is played – has become the second largest day of food consumption in the United States, next to Thanksgiving. Most die hard fans have already asked for Monday off.

The television broadcast rights rotate among CBS, NBC or FOX. This year CBS is the winner, making the show they choose to air immediately after the Super Bowl a ratings winner by default. Usually, a new series is premiered and this year CBS is airing their new reality series, Undercoverufabet สมัครผ่านมือถือ Boss.

Originally, the two separate leagues, the American Football League and the National Football League, called it the AFL – NFL World Championship Game, until the two leagues merged into the NFL in 1970. The leagues are still separate conferences know known as the AFC and the NFC.

Only four teams have never been to the super bowl and of course the Jacksonville J