The Favorite Receiver Of New York Jets Legend Joe Namath

Joe Namath came out of the University of Alabama to become the darling of the AFL as the quarterback of the New York Jets. During his career, despite a number of injuries, he would develop into one of the better quarterbacks in the league and eventually get elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It can be argued that there was no more important football player in the American Football League than Joe Namath. He was brash and garnered a lot of press. He also provided a lot of legitimacy to the young league based on his talent. Predicting a Super Bowl II victory for his Jets over the Colts of the more established National Football League was just icing on the cake.

Namath has not only gone down as one of the best is either league, he is also fondly remembered and always associated with the franchise he starred for, the New York Jets.

During his career, Namath threw passes to a number of receivers. Some of those players were household names and some were just your average ordinary every day pro football player. Which one was his favorite though? Who caught the most touchdown passes from Broadway Joe?

Don Maynard caught more touchdown passes thrown by Joe Namathufabetบนมือถือ than any other player. To be honest, it is not even really close as Maynard hauled in 42 of Namath’s TDs and the second place player on the list only came in at 27.

Other than Maynard, who was a great player, Namath always lacked having that superstar receiver that other great quarterbacks can rely on over the course of their entire career.