Speed Training For Sports Such As Rugby Or Football

For a Winger in Rugby or in Football your speed and your agility are two of your most valuable assets. The best wingers in the world be it at club or international level work on keeping their pace and speed up for as long as they can.

As a winger myself I have a number of drills I do with on my own to help keep my speed going. You are going to need a few things first which you can easily get by doing a search on the internet or even find on eBay.

These include a weighted vest, ankle weights and a speed parachute pack.

Remember A good warm up before and warm down after each drill is essential.

My First Drill: Ankle Weights Drill

I do full length of the Pitch Sprints with ankle weights on my ankle. As a starter I would say you should try 5sprints a day with this method to get used to it. Perhaps you can start off at 60% pace for your first 2 sprints then gradually increase to 75 then to 85 then full pace sprinting by your 5th Sprint. Your rest periods should be the walk or preferably the jog back to the starting line where you began you will notice you get fitter and lighter when you run without the ankle weights on. For the weights I would suggest 2.5lbs should be fine to start off with and you can gradually increase them as you advance.

The Sessions for the Ankle Weights Drill

3sprints sessions a week will be ideal, sprinting with this drill every other day is the recommended method to enable you and your body to recuperate.

My Second Speed Drill: Weighted Vest Drill

This involves doing full length sprints with a weighted vest on, thisเว็บบอล ufabet ออนไลน์ might be a bit strenuous on some people so if you do go with this drill I would suggest you ask your doctor first that you are in the right structural shape to utilise this drill. Whatever the case it is not a rush to get as heavy as possible on. Rather it is a slow and steady progression, start of gradually with 5kg in the weights for say every other day of sprints. Then in the next week increase the weights to 7kg and the week after 10kg.

The Sessions for the Weighted Vest Drill

3sprints sessions a week will be ideal. For instance every other day so if you start on Monday then next session should be on Wednesday and the Third should be on Friday. This allows you 24hours in between sessions to allow your body to rest. Just as with the ankle weights drill you should allow yourself the rest in between sprints to be the walk back or preferably jog back to the starting line this will impr