NFL Football Sportsbook Bets

Generally, you bet on 2 or more teams with specific outcomes. The important thing to remember about sportsbook parlays is that all the wagers have to win. With some rare exceptions, you can not just win one of the wagers to collect your dollars.

Parlays are some of the most fun types of wagering out there. Again, once you’ve mastered the bookmaking basics, you can move on up to the parlay wagering. A NFL Parlay can get pretty strange. During larger games, parlays can be put down on things such as number of interceptions, number of blocked punts and total points at the half.

The more parlay wagers you make on one bet, the higher your payout can be. Of course, the more parlays you lay, the more money you wager. Your propositions are the actual wagers within the parlay. You can choose 3, 5 or 12 propositions on your parlay wager and put down money on each. You can make a lot of money on a NFL parlay but you can also lose some.

A teaser can only be played in NFL & NBA.

The teaser is one bet consisting of two or more propositions in which you are allowed to adjust the point spread in your favor. If there is any loss in a teaser, the entire teaser results in a loss! Otherwise, if the teaser contains a push, tie, or no action, the teaser will revert to the next ufabet บอลชุด amount of teams, paying the offshore sportsbook betting odds of the new teaser. In the case of a two-team teaser, if there is a tie, no action, or push, the wager will be refunded.


4 Teams in a 6 Points Teaser Risk $100 to win $300

Team Points Adjusted Points

Cowboys +7 is now +13

Giants -3 is now +3

49ers -6 is now (Even)

Packers -4 is now +2

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