Does Your Football Club Have a Fan Growth Strategy? You Need One

Football is about goals as it is about fans.  Any football team that gets its fan strategies right has put the best foot forward on the journey to success, because that is the only sustainable economic model. It is therefore imperative to be as aggressive on the field of play as off, vis-à-vis attraction of fans.

The trick is to attract more fans and keep the existing fan base very loyal.  Then, benefit from them by attracting them into stadiums, having them buying your merchandise, get sponsorship, media coverage and also having them buy your other business offerings.

Angus Kinnear UK head of marketing for Arsenal, says that they sell out all their season games months before the very first whistle is blown. This is only possible if you have a huge and very loyal fan base.

To grow your fan base these are some of the things that have to be done:

1.  Community activities, start with your catchment area.  Derby County in the United Kingdom for example has a Customer Charter that details what they will do within their community every year.
2.  Effective fan branches.  Create fan branches but do not forsake them.  They must have clear cut activities, with your club staff as overseers.  That is the only way they will be effective.
3.  School outreach programmes.  Do you have well planned school programmes?  Get your fans when they are young.
4.  Internet & Fan Relationship Management strategy (FRM). What is your reason of being on the internet?  Do you have a method to relate to your fans (FRM)?
5.  Songs and match day excitement.  This will attract even people who are not football fans on match days to enjoy the excitement.
6.  Family attraction programmes.  Get families excited about your club and club activities.
7.  Media and PR programmes. Engage the media and they help put your club in good light out there.
8.  Programmes focussed on community minorities and women.  Every one matters.
9.  Increase activities other than football on match days to attract แทงบอลออนไลน์ people who are not football fanatics.
10. Bonding team and local community. Do your fans know who their heroes are?  Have they met them in person?
11. Free – Targeted give aways. Humanity loves free things, use these freebies to reach out to the people.

Failure to engage fans aggressively is the reason why stadiums remain empty.  It is the reason why teams strugg