Beware – Football Memorabilia Can Be Damaging to Your Wallet!

So what exactly is football memorabilia and why once you start collecting does it get you so hooked you can’t stop and end up spending thousands of pounds on collecting bits and pieces from your teams history?

Well, first of all, the football memorabilia market is absolutely huge, ranging from little football pin badges that you can pick up for a couple of pound outside the ground through to a rare old football programme that could set you back thousands!!!

The other thing to decide is where do you want to start – maybe you want to specialise in a certain era, a certain genre of memorabilia (cigarette cards, badges, programmes, trading cards etc) or more likely it will be your love of a particular football team that drives your collection and you will end up collecting a multitude of different items for your team, whichever it is there is such a massive range of stuff out there that you will probably never ever stop once you get into it!!

Believe me I know the above is true, I got so hooked on collecting football memorabilia I ended up packing in my full time job and setting up a site selling the stuff to other collectors!!

Of course in the broadest sense of the word memorabilia probably brings to mind “old” items, perhaps relating to teams from the 60’s and 70’s, however the good thing about football is that isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, an item relating to the 1966 World Cup Final is going to have a high value, but then again so is something from this years FA Cup Final, especially if your lucky enough to support the team that won it!!

So you see age isn’t perhaps such a big factor in what is and isn’t collectible. It really is down to the individual what sort of items they want and cannot be defined by age alone.

One thing we can guarantee is that no matter how old or young you are, no matter which team you support, no matter which area of football memorabilia you concentrate on there is always going to be another item you will want to get hold of so if your going to get into football memorabilia be prepared for it to become an obsession!!

That is why I have set up a site that tries to give an overview www.ufabetof all the different areas of football memorabilia, it isn’t designed to cover in great detail every aspect of the market, that would be impossible as it is too vast a subject to do any justice to, but what it does do is give you an idea of the various collectibles and the sort of item and prices you will find.